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Your tax deductible contribution will help us to create a wonderful sanctuary for all of our rescued burros, mules, horses, dogs, and cats.  We receive no government funding.  We are counting on your help and financial support.  Wild Burro Rescue does not employ professional fundraising companies. They are expensive.  We do the fundraising ourselves with the help of volunteers. Therefore, every dollar you donate goes directly to our sanctuary helping the animals.

The two things of which we have a lot of at the Wild Burro Rescue are love and compassion.
Please come and visit us, we promise you will have a great time.

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 Visit our GoFundMe campaigns too! We are currently running two campaigns: The first one below is to help us provide special feed and supplements to our senior burros.


 Our second campaign is set up to help us raise money to get more shelters for our burros. We'd love to have them be able to find a shady place in the hot desert sun and in winter, shelter from the cold bitter winds and snows we have here at their home here in the Sierras! Please spread the word of these two campaigns to your family and friends. Help us to help our burros!